Monday, January 27, 2014

Griefing: A form of bullying

Griefing is bullying in Minecraft. It is when someone steals from, or destroys your property. This happened to us. We worked hard on our house, and made it as nice as we could. Then, someone came and started setting everything on fire! We got help, but there was nothing we could do. The house burned up. From this example, you can tell that griefing is very mean. If this has already happened to you, probably the best thing to do is to tell the supervisor of the server, or ignore the player. Watch and wait. Another option is to watch your house, wait for the griefer, and either see their username, or take a screenshot of them griefing you. Alert others. Post in the chat to warn others users of the danger. Prevent griefing before it happens. We all hate being griefed, it sucks right? So why not work on preventing it? Don't leave anything important out in the open. If you say leave a chest full of important stuff out in the open, the more like someone is to steal all of it, and to destroy your home.
Be prepared.
 Above all though, know that from time to time someone is going to grief you, so have a secret backup supply stash ready, and move on. Make sure this secret stash is 1000's of blocks away from spawn and use a x-ray proof design. It should get you back on your feet especially if there are no admins, mods, or owners around.